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Masonry is a time-honored construction technique used for centuries to create durable, long-lasting structures. From houses and commercial buildings to bridges and monuments, masonry has been popular for its strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

With eleven years of experience, we are a trusted provider of high-quality masonry services in New York. Our skilled team is dedicated to delivering top-notch results for all your masonry needs, from new construction to repairs and renovations.

Stenco Contractors consistently strives to exceed its client's expectations. When you choose us for your masonry project, you can be at peace knowing you are working with the best commercial masonry contractors in New York.

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Our Comprehensive Masonry Services

Stenco Contractor houses some of the most experienced masons who are capable of carrying out all kinds of masonry services, such as:

Brick Masonry: This is one of the most common types of masonry, which involves using bricks to construct a structure. Brick masonry can be further classified into different types, such as solid brick masonry, cavity brick masonry, and reinforced brick masonry.

Stone Masonry: This involves using natural stone to construct a building. The stone is typically cut into specific sizes and shapes and then bound together with mortar. Stone masonry can be further classified into rubble masonry, ashlar masonry, and coursed ashlar masonry.

Concrete Block Masonry: This involves using concrete blocks, made from cement, aggregates, and water, to construct a structure. Concrete block masonry can be classified into hollow concrete block masonry, solid concrete block masonry, and reinforced concrete block masonry.

Adobe Masonry: This involves using sun-dried mud bricks to construct a building. Adobe masonry is often used in areas with a hot and dry climate, as the bricks help to keep the interior of the building cool.

Masonry Contractors in New York

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Masonry Contractors in New York

Our Versatile Laying Methods

Our masons use several methods, depending on the type of unit being used and the desired outcome. Some common methods of masonry include:

Bricklaying: Bricklaying involves laying individual bricks using mortar to create walls, arches, or other structures. The bricks can be laid in different patterns, such as running, Flemish, or English bonds.

Stone Setting: This involves setting individual stones into a structure using mortar. The stones can be laid in patterns, like random rubble or coursed ashlar.

Block Laying: This involves laying concrete blocks using mortar to create walls or other structures. The blocks can be laid in different patterns, such as running bonds or stack bonds.

Jointing: This involves filling the joints between individual units, such as bricks or stones, with mortar to create a cohesive structure. The joints, such as raked, flush, or weathered, can be finished differently.

Reinforcement: This involves adding reinforcement, such as steel bars or mesh, to masonry structures for added strength and stability. Reinforcement can be added during the construction process or retrofitted to existing structures.

Add Some Innovation to Your Ideas

Exposed Brick Walls: Brick walls can be left exposed to create a rustic and industrial look in interior spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, or kitchens. The bricks can be left unfinished or painted in a variety of colors.

Stone Fireplaces: A fireplace made from natural stone can create an inviting atmosphere in a living room or family room. The stone can be left unfinished for a rustic look or polished for a more elegant look.

Garden Walls: Masonry can be used to create garden walls to enclose a garden space or to create raised garden beds. The walls can be made from various materials and designed in different patterns or shapes.

Archways: Arched openings can be created using masonry to add a dramatic focal point to an interior or exterior space. Arches can be made from bricks, stones, or concrete blocks and can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Walkways and Patios: Masonry can be used to create walkways and patios using different materials such as bricks, stones, or concrete pavers. The patterns and designs can be customized to create unique and visually appealing spaces.

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