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House extensions are a great way to add space and functionality to your home without having to move. They allow you to customize your living space to fit your changing needs and lifestyle while adding value to your property. A well-designed extension can enhance your daily life, whether you want a larger kitchen, an additional bedroom, or a home office.

But this is possible when you choose expert house extension contractors bringing a wealth of experience, skills, and knowledge to the table. Their house extension services can help you navigate the complexities of planning, design, and construction, ensuring your project is completed within your budget, on time, and to the highest quality standards.

We Are Your Reliable and Trusted Construction Partners

Stenco Contractors are your best construction partner and one of the most reliable house extension builders, with over a decade of experience in exterior and interior renovation. Our team of experts is prepared to assist you through every stage of your remodeling, renovation, and repair project. Our house extension construction will enhance your home's appearance and boost its resale value.

No matter if your preference is classic, traditional design, or modern loft living, we possess the skill set and experience necessary to bring your vision to life and give your home an appealing new look. Our expert house extension specialists are excited to collaborate to achieve your goals.

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Workflow of Our House Extension Process

Our home extension contractors ensure our effective 5-step process for timely and cost-effective delivery of outstanding house extension results:

  • FREE Initial Consultation/Briefing - We establish the goals, timeline, and home extension cost during our initial consultation with you to ensure timely and budget-friendly project delivery.
  • Concept & Feasibility - After defining the project scope, we arrange 3D concept designs to ascertain the feasibility and allow you to visualize your house extension ideas.
  • Working Drawings & Costing - Our planning step also involves developing technical working drawings, making necessary changes, and giving you the quote.
  • Build/Construction Stage - During the construction phase, we, as local extension builders, oversee the team collaboration and procurement of premium materials and ensure quick resolution of any issues to minimize disruptions for successful execution.
  • Your Completed Project - Before handing over your completed project, we will arrange all necessary Code Compliance documentation to ensure your renovation is up to code, marking the end of the project.
House Extension Services

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House Extension Services

Our Team Is an Expert in a Wide Variety of Extensions

At Stenco Contractors, we understand that every client has a different house size, style, and budget for their extension project. Therefore, we offer the facility for a wide range of extensions so you can choose one that suits you.

  • Single-Storey Extension - We extend your home horizontally, typically in the form of a rear, side or wraparound extension, by removing one of the external walls and placing it elsewhere to add more living space. Extending at the back is the most prevalent method.
  • Double-Storey Extension - Our team adds another level to your home, providing additional living space for you to accommodate your growing family needs.
  • Rear House Extension - As the name suggested, our team builds an extension at the rear of your property, making it the most common extension.
  • Side Extension - If there is less space on the rear of your home, we prefer a side extension and collaborate with you to construct one.
  • L-shaped/Wraparound Extension - We combine the rear and side extensions, creating an L or wraparound shape, giving a huge internal space.
  • Sunroom Extension - Our team uses glass walls and a roof, allowing natural light to flood in so you can enjoy all the benefits of a conservatory.

No matter what type of extension you decide to add to your home, our construction services guarantee to deliver the best results.

We Take Care of Everything, Making It Hassle-Free for You

Stenco Contractors provides comprehensive design and house extension services encompassing a detailed description of premium materials and quality finishes. We tackle everything on our own to make your project hassle-free. We take care of:

  • Architectural drawings
  • Project cost estimation
  • Planning applications
  • Building regulations
  • Detailed architectural CAD/3D designs

All you have to do is share your thoughts regarding your project through the construction process until it's completed. This will help our home extension builders to give you what you want.

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With Stenco Contractors, elevate your living spaces via exceptional craftsmanship and personalized design solutions. With our expertise, you can avoid costly mistakes and achieve the best possible outcome for your project, cherishing a home you'll love for years.