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The home's exterior is the first aspect people land their eyes on, setting the tone for your entire property. But if the exterior is outdated or worn out, it can be difficult to feel proud of your home or make a good impression on visitors. Exterior remodeling is precisely what you need at this time.

For over a decade, Stenco Contractors have been among the leading home exterior renovation contractors in New York, providing unparalleled expertise and top-notch services. Our dedicated teams are equipped with the skills and knowledge to deliver a complete renovation package from start to finish, ensuring that your home's transformation exceeds your expectations.

If you want to transform your humble abode into an elegant haven, look no further than Stenco Contractors. Get in touch with us today to set out on an exciting journey towards your dream home.

Benefits of a Home Remodeling

  • Enhanced curb appeal with a well-maintained and updated exterior.
  • Improved functionality with exterior renovations like new windows or doors, providing better insulation and ventilation.
  • Increased home value, making it attractive to potential buyers.
  • Personalization opportunities through exterior renovations, allowing you to customize your home to reflect your style and preferences.
  • Improved energy efficiency through better insulation, roofing, and siding.
  • Reduced upkeep with low-maintenance materials like vinyl siding or composite decking, saving you time and money.
  • Expanded outdoor living spaces for leisure and entertainment with exterior renovations like adding a deck or patio.
  • Meeting current building codes through exterior renovations, which is important for potential home resale.

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Transform Your Home with Innovation

Our exterior renovation services in New York are not limited to construction and groundwork. Instead, we also help you through your decision-making regarding the design, materials and the final look of your home. Some of the design ideas are described here:

  • Add fresh paint to your home's exterior to update its look. Choose a color that enhances your home's architectural style and fits with the overall aesthetic of your neighborhood.
  • Replace old or damaged siding with new materials such as fiber cement, vinyl, or natural wood. This provides a modern look to your home.
  • Install new windows and doors to enhance your home's curb appeal and improve energy efficiency. Consider options such as double-pane glass and insulated frames.
  • Add a front porch or update your existing porch with new materials, lighting, and furniture. This can create a welcoming outdoor space for your family and guests.
  • Install outdoor lighting to highlight your home's architecture and landscaping. This can improve your home's safety and security while adding a beautiful and inviting look.
  • Add decorative elements such as shutters, window boxes, or a new front door to enhance your home's appearance. These can be simple changes that make a huge impact.
  • Replace the roof with a new one that complements your home's architecture and style. Choose materials such as asphalt shingles, metal, or tile that are durable and long-lasting.
  • Install new gutters and downspouts to improve your home's drainage system and protect your foundation from water damage.
  • Upgrade the outdoor space with a new deck or patio. This can provide a beautiful and functional space for relaxing.
  • Incorporate landscaping into your exterior remodeling plan. Adding trees, shrubs, and flowers can improve your home's overall curb appeal and provide a natural and beautiful backdrop.
Exterior Renovation Contractors in New York

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Exterior Renovation Contractors in New York

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The materials and work quality are essential for any type of renovation project, whether it's for the interior or exterior of your home. Using high-quality materials ensures that your renovation not only looks beautiful but also lasts years. Hence, you need to hire a highly experienced and credible home exterior renovation company to ensure your project is executed precisely and with meticulous attention to detail.

At our company, we understand that quality materials and skilled craftsmanship are essential to achieving a beautiful and long-lasting exterior renovation. That's why we take great care to source only the best materials from reputable manufacturers who stand behind their products.

Our experts have years of experience working with various materials, from traditional options like wood and brick to modern materials like composite and metal. That is why we stand among the area's leading and most trusted exterior remodeling contractors in New York.

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