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Whether you're looking to refresh a single room or undertake a full-scale remodel, an interior renovation is the perfect way to breathe new life into your home and create a space that reflects your unique style and needs.

From updating tired finishes to reconfiguring your layout for better flow and function, home interior renovation contractors have the power to completely transform your living space and elevate your quality of life.

Trusted Home Interior Renovation Contractors

Stenco Contractors offer a refreshing approach to interior design, accommodating all tastes and ideas. Unlike traditional interior remodeling contractors who often impose their particular style, we believe in flexibility and customization. We go the extra mile to source anything that we don't already have in stock.

Our ultimate goal is to create a space that makes you happy than going for published masterpieces that only look good in magazines. When we design, we keep your vision in mind and select unique products and combinations that align with your budget. We not just design spaces, we formulate experiences.

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Types of Interior Renovation We Are Expert In

Condo & Co-Op Renovation: Our specialized team handles the complexities of condos and co-ops of all sizes, including navigating co-op board rules and renovation restrictions to ensure a successful outcome.

Loft Renovation: We specialize in loft interior renovation services, combining design expertise and craftsmanship to enhance the historic charm and ceilings of high-end spaces, prioritizing customer satisfaction and value.

Brownstone & Townhouse Renovation: With years of experience renovating brownstones, our interior renovation contractors blend architecture and interior design expertise to modernize your historic space. We navigate the unique challenges of historic homes with thoughtful craftsmanship.

Pre-War Apartment Renovation: We specialize in pre-war renovation, transforming pre-war palettes into masterpieces and handling the significant renovation work required to revive these properties to their full potential.

Apartment Combinations: We specialize in various properties and have expertise in combining apartments, including navigating building codes and co-op board requirements.

Room Creation: Our team is also ideal for residential renovations, offering expertise in unique room customizations, including adding bedrooms, offices, studies, and even smaller rooms for storage or laundry. We can build new rooms in existing apartments to meet your specific needs.

Interior Renovation Contractor

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Interior Renovation Contractor

A Wide Range of Interior Renovation Options

We offer unlimited options for interior renovation as a reliable home interior renovation company, letting clients elaborate on their needs based on preliminary design discussions. For instance, a full interior renovation may include the following:

  • Integrated Smart Home Technology
  • Carpet Installation and/or Hardwood Flooring
  • Pre-War Restoration (Moulding, Framing, Flooring)
  • Multiple Bathroom Renovations (Shower/Bath, Fixtures, Tiling & Ceramics, Vanity)
  • Full Kitchen Renovation (Appliances, Fixtures, Backsplash, Countertops, Island)
  • Fabrication/Installation + Custom Window Treatments
  • Custom Carpentry (Closet Builds, Cabinets, Finish Carpentry, Millwork)
  • Wall Covering + Paint Color
  • Electrical Fixture + Lighting
  • Plumbing Selections

Comprehensive Process of Construction & Renovation

After spending years in the construction and renovation industry, we have developed a comprehensive process to deal with the diverse projects we are assigned. The following are the typical phases involved in the process:

  1. Demolition Phase - Removing old materials and structures before embarking on the renovation process.
  2. Initial Inspections - Assessing the condition of the space, examining the existing systems, and identifying any structural or safety issues.
  3. Framing & Rough Carpentry - Creating the new structure's foundation, including framing walls, installing beams, and building staircases.
  4. Electrical & Plumbing - Installing electrical systems and plumbing infrastructure, such as pipes and wiring.
  5. Finish Carpentry & Fixtures - Installing doors, trim, and other finishing touches, along with fixtures like lighting, faucets, and appliances, to bring the design to life.
  6. Final Inspections & Walk-Through - Inspecting the completed work to ensure it meets safety codes and the client's expectations. A walk-through is conducted to address any concerns and ensure satisfaction.

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Looking to start your next interior renovation project? Contact Stenco Contractors today, and let us help you bring your vision to life. We are dedicated to providing exceptional craftsmanship. Fill out our online contact form or give us a call to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you!


How Long Does an Interior Renovation Project Usually Take?

The duration of an interior renovation project varies just like home interior renovation cost, based on the project's complexity, space, and materials used, with some taking a few weeks and others taking several months.

Do I Need Permits for an Interior Renovation Project?

It depends on the particular project and local regulations. Some interior renovation projects may require permits for electrical, plumbing, or structural work. A licensed contractor can help determine what permits are needed for a project.

Can I Live in My Home During an Interior Renovation Project?

It depends on the project scope. If the renovation is extensive, it may be essential to move out for the moment. A contractor can advise on whether it's safe and feasible to stay in the home during the renovation.

How Can I Prepare for an Interior Renovation Project?

Preparing for an interior renovation project involves decluttering the space, moving furniture and belongings to a safe location, and communicating clearly with the contractor about the project's goals, timeline, and budget.