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Specialist Masonry Contactors

Dealing with various materials to install structures like patios, chimneys, and retaining walls, our masonry contractors are experts in masonry construction, repair and restoration of structures made from brick, stone, or concrete blocks.

If you have just bought an older property or are an owner of an older property and you want to spruce it up, we are the masonry contractors Brooklyn for you. Stenco Contractors have worked on several projects, building excellent client relationships while offering first-class service.

Our masonry contractors in Brooklyn deal with the following:


  • Regarding brick choosing, we have worked with various brick varieties and given professional advice on the best brick for our client's projects.


  • Over the years, our block masonry contractors in Brooklyn have worked on hundreds of projects.
  • We can assist in installing all kinds of concrete block products, ensuring all the work is built and finished as per the client's needs.
  • Besides concrete blocks, if you need to give your building an individual and unique look, we also install flint or glazed blocks.

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  • Other than brick and blockwork, our masonry contractors Brooklyn are experienced in installing reconstituted or natural stone in your space.
  • We have been dealing with dry stone walling or recon stone projects to provide a unique finish to the buildings.

Other services we offer:

  • Brick inlay - to create driveways and patios using brick or cobblestone.
  • Brick columns – we construct and design brick columns for paths, patios, driveways, etc.
  • Walls – whether you need our masonry builders in Brooklyn to construct or repair a wall, we have the skills and tools to help.
  • Arches –create an elegant and beautiful arch for your porch or patio.

Masonry Repair Services

Although masonry is long-lasting and durable, it is natural to observe cracks or holes in the building. Our masonry repair contractors in Brooklyn can assist in making any repairs necessary if you discover any of these problems at your home:

  • Brick discoloration
  • Cracking or crumbling mortar
  • Chipped or cracked bricks

Our team can efficiently replace old mortar, fix old stones or replace them with entirely new ones.

Masonry Contractors in Brooklyn

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Masonry Contractors in Brooklyn

Masonry Restoration

Compared to masonry repair, masonry restoration is a much larger project as it focuses on the entire structure.

You might need our services to preserve old and historic buildings, enhance their structure and design, and keep them from falling and collapsing.

Our masonry restoration contractors in Brooklyn will replace all old mortar and blocks with new materials, bringing the building back to life.

Delivering High-Quality and Timely Services

Stecno Contractors is a masonry company in Brooklyn proud to provide the region with the highest standards of masonry services. We have spent years in the field, developing and perfecting the art and craft of masonry.

We are skilled and trained in restoring and repairing buildings in various styles using modern and traditional techniques. While at work, we keep the site organised and clean everything when we finish, leaving no trace of evidence except the structures we have erected.

Why Hire a Professional Masonry Contractor?

The type of brickwork you use can either improve or detract from the appearance of your property, and selecting a qualified and experienced masonry contractor can make all the difference.

Here is why investing in and hiring expert masonry services in Brooklyn can benefit you:

  • Restoration work necessitates a high level of competence and expertise. Before starting any work, our contractors thoroughly assess your property because they know the nature of masonry construction.
  • Hiring our local masonry contractors in Brooklyn is much more economical in the long run.
  • Our contractors are equipped with the right gear and machinery to finish the job quickly.
  • You can enhance your property's curb appeal and aesthetic appearance by engaging with a skilled masonry construction company in Brooklyn.